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Self Development Tips: Is Focus Becoming a Forgotten Skill?

download (5)Have you noticed lately that remaining focused on a single task at any given time has become increasingly more difficult?

Maybe you have been so overwhelmed with day-to-day life that you haven’t even considered remaining focused on any one thing at all. You certainly are not alone. Just look around you at your friends, family and work associates and you will notice a common theme occurring.

Everyone seems to be in a frenzy trying to juggle everything at once.

Staying focused is indeed becoming a rare skill. To validate this point a recent study conducted by the British Institute of Psychiatry concluded that simply checking your email whilst engaged in another task actually decreases your IQ by ten points at that time – a fact that is the equivalent of going without sleep for 36 hours.

How many of us are guilty of being distracted by an email popping up in our inbox? I would have to say that I was constantly switching from the middle of a task to check my inbox several times throughout the day.

When I discovered the negative impact that it was having on my IQ, and subsequently my workload, I realized that it was my lack of focus that was at the root of the problem.

Stop and take a moment to consider how many times you allow yourself to become distracted during a normal day. What about phone calls, instant messaging and social websites?

To be at our best we must stay focused and concentrated on the matter in hand. This generally applies to anything we attempt to do. Writing is great example of where 100% focus is absolutely paramount to getting the job done successfully – but it could just as easily apply to reading a book, driving safely or even performing a household chore.

All successful people utilize the power of focus, it is not only for the self help industry. Top athletes are a good example of this. You will often hear them describe being “in the zone” when they are asked about how they achieve their success.

With the internet at our disposal 24 hours a day, on our cell phones, tablets and Wi-Fi hotspots all around us, the temptation to become distracted has never been greater.

You will find that once you begin to take back control and utilize the power of focus that it becomes increasingly easier to stick to one task at a time and your productivity will increase as a result.

For longer term projects and tasks you should try using a simple but effective technique used in Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP as it’s more commonly referred to. This technique involves staying completely focused on the outcome of what it is you are setting out to achieve.

By keeping a mental image and a sense of how you will feel when you complete your goal everything else will follow and your intuition will provide the way to your success.

By learning to focus you will enjoy the added bonus of strengthening your will power. Strong will power can help you achieve anything you desire in life. Add focus and will power together and you can become unstoppable.

Start today. Make a point of removing any distractions and stay focused on whatever task you decide. If you find it difficult to remain focused for long stretches of time, start slowly and increase the length of time gradually.